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Our Story

Truth be told, we kind of stumbled into the Photo Booth Rental business. For years, Zoran published a grass roots Sports Magazine in Southern Ontario. We were consumed by, but loved our life that revolved around Sports and the Magazine. Hard not to, when we had two boys that played every sport imaginable at competitive levels.

We always thought it would be ‘COOL’ if we could find a way to offer clients the ability to take pictures of young Johnny or teenage Sarah at their proudest moment during a tournament, print them on the spot, and not charge their parents an arm and a leg for the memory. After some searching we were introduced to the Photo Booth Rental concept. Just what we were looking for! It was portable, easy to set up and operate, cost effective and most importantly, printed pictures on the spot.

While Zoran’s time was taken up by the Magazine, it was decided that I would spear head the introduction of the Photo Booth Rental concept to the Sporting Community. That is not to say that we rushed out to buy a photo booth. I went to work for a larger Photo Booth Rental Company and in my year and a half with them, I learned all the many facets of running a Photo Booth Rental business.

To my amazement, I found I absolutely LOVED the business. Not only did I enjoy participating in Sporting Events, but I loved the party side of the Photo Booth Rental business, weddings, stag n’ doe, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations etc... Meeting different people, creating an experience that put a smile on faces young and old, and having clients say that I helped make their event a truly memorable success. That is what gave me the satisfaction of a job well done.

However, the one thing lacking when you are part of a larger Photo Booth Rental Company is the ability to be creative and offer custom touches that you know would set you apart from all the other Photo Booth Rentals out there. I had a passionate, creative side that was just itching to see how much more I could offer clients and still produce a reasonably priced service. From that thought, SmartBooth Images was born and as they say, 3 years later, the rest is history!

So, if you were expecting to hear that we had a passion for photography or that we were in the entertainment industry and it was just natural for us to add a Photo Booth Rental to our services, Sorry! none of that. What Zoran and I have built our business on in the past 3 years and what our clients have confirmed for us time and time again, is that it is not the Photo Booth that makes an event awesome. They are all pretty much built with high end equipment and basically do the same job, take a picture! It is the people that stand behind the Photo Booth and the personal attention, creative skills and enthusiasm that they bring to each and every event that makes the difference between a good event and an awesome event! And that is our commitment to you, 100 % personal attention, using our creative skills to provide those custom touch, going that extra mile to make your event unique and then putting the ‘FUN’ into your event for every guest to enjoy.

So as they say... ‘Grab a Prop, Strike a Pose’... and start having FUN!

Nada Knezevic
Owner - SmartBooth Images

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